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Financial services SEO success for Word Waiter Digital Instapaper

We have just completed a contract for a leading financial services company – working with the company’s internal digital team, we managed to double the organic traffic going to the client’s website by the final calendar month of the contract.



12 Restaurant Marketing Tips Instapaper

We work with restaurants large and small, from individual eateries to large chains – we even work with a leading cookery school. Here are a few of our restaurant marketing tips:


Website speed - How fast should your website go? Instapaper

Speed influences the performance of your website both directly and indirectly – it is crucially important because:



Strategic success at new £4.5million Bristol venue Instapaper

We’ve just been reviewing our marketing results for a brand spanking new Bristol events venue…



Chinese SEO services launched Instapaper

Word Waiter PR & Digital today launched its sizzling new Chinese SEO service…


A Gruff Rhys interlude Instapaper

Just watched American Interior by Gruff Rhys, and the office is a river of smiles – a fantastic film!

Stop your website getting indexed Instapaper

Whether you’ve got a new website under development, or are working on new web content for an existing website, you need to stop your test/development content getting search engine indexed for a number of reasons – including SEO reasons.


Results in from SEO project, for a luxury 5-star holiday resort Instapaper

Here are the results from our latest SEO project, for a 5-star holiday resort:



The perils of online press releases - new SEO advice Instapaper

An important recent development relevant to the worlds of SEO and PR is that Google has recommended ALL links from online press releases to websites should be nofollowed, even if they contain direct URLs rather than anchor text.


Some great apps for PR consultants, and their clients Instapaper

We’ve been speaking to our PR consultants this morning, finding out which apps they find most useful in their everyday work, so here’s a list of what’s hot right now at the Word Waiter:


The ins and outs of newswires Instapaper

Newswires give you massive reach when you’re distributing your news, and can be particularly useful to those with restricted PR budgets. Here are some tips and insights…



To AVE or not to AVE, that’s the PR question! Instapaper

Measurement, measurement, measurement… the PR world enjoys beating itself up over how PR results should be analysed and reported.


PR - Get those creative sparks flying! Instapaper

Creativity is one of the best bits of PR. It’s fun, energizing, and gives campaigns what they need to succeed. Here are some books that help us limber up.

SEO is dead? Not on your nelly! Instapaper

Good SEO is about helping the search engines understand what your website is about, and who it’s relevant to. It boosts your business success by helping potential customers find your products and services. It’s about findability.

Going mobile with your website Instapaper

Mobile search is becoming increasingly popular – many expect mobile searches to overtake static desktop searches by 2015.


Is that you Blodwen? Instapaper

Our sheep doodle’s become a fantastically happy logo – Hello Blodders! Whaddaya think?


Hello Interweb! Instapaper

We’ve made it into the Webosphere – Hippity hip hooray! So we raise our glasses to those who got us here…

Content is King Instapaper

One of our specialisms is digital content – words, photos and videos. Unfortunately, digital content is often an afterthought…