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New GA4 support available from today

As you may be aware, Universal Analytics(UA) will stop collecting data from 1st July 2023, and your historical data will be deleted from 1st January 2024; this is because Google is pushing all businesses to move to their next generation of Analytics: Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which offers more flexibility for tracking user actions, is more GPDR-compliant, with powerful analytical capabilities.

SEO site migrations: Don’t forget to redirect your images!

Your site’s images live on their own URLs, and can gather backlinks as effectively as any written content – yet images are often overlooked during SEO migrations, and that is a mistake.

So when you carry out website alterations that involve changing the URLs of images, don’t forget to 301 redirect those images…

12 Restaurant Marketing Tips

We work with restaurants large and small, from individual eateries to large chains – we even work with a leading cookery school. Here are a few of our restaurant marketing tips: