Technical SEO - laying the foundations for success...

We provide technical SEO that transforms the performance of clients’ websites, achieving impressive results.

Technical SEO lays the foundations for future commercial success – get the technicals wrong for the search engines, and you’re undermining your website’s potential from the very beginning.

Our experts focus on improving accessibility and indexability… helping search engines crawl, understand, interpret and index websites in the most optimal way, without hitting technical barriers.

Which technical SEO issues do we work with? All of them, including: •Canonicalization •url structure •site structure •speed •site search •site navigation •faceted navigation •navigation filters •pagination •breadcrumbs •structured data •mobile friendliness •SSL and HTTPS •XML and HTML sitemaps •image optimization •multilingual and international search •geo-targeting •hosting •code quality and •JavaScript rendering.

How does Technical SEO integrate with Content and Linkearning?

Technical SEO lays the foundations for online success, and content builds upon and amplifies the technical work by providing an extra boost todigital performance. Linkearning drives performance further still, and often relies upon good content.

Over 5.5 billion searches are made each day on Google – and that number is growing by over 10% each year. Our SEO services help clients access this huge commercial opportunity – delivering a sizzling return on investment.

Book your free 1-hour SEO check from Word Waiter Digital, and we’ll analyze your company’s SEO potential – providing expert feedback on where things stand, and where best to focus your future SEO efforts.

Our main Technical SEO services include:

Technical SEO Website Audits: We’ll analyse your website to identify technical issues that are damaging the SEO performance of your site, then produce a report, advising you how best to fix the issues.

Technical Troubleshooting: Clients often contract us to analyze or fix specific technical issues – from JavaScript problems to issues with faceted navigation – our consultants enjoy troubleshooting so please don’t hesitate to contact us, however small the problem appears to be.

SEO Site Migrations: Are you changing your website’s hosting, site structure, domain name, design or content? Perhaps you’re moving to a completely new website? Mismanaged site migrations can lose businesses huge amount of web traffic, so get in touch to find out how to manage migrations successfully – a highly technical process that demands huge attention to detail.

Google Penalty Removal and Recovery: Has you site been at the receiving end of a Google SEO-related penalty because of poor SEO work, or some other issue? We’ll work with you to identify the problem and remove the penalty.

Website Development: SEO and UX needs to be central to the development process, so we can work with your developers to ensure the foundations are put in place for future search engine success. Our specialists will produce detailed technical specifications for your developers, then work to ensure everything is kept in line with best practice.

Data and Analysis: Without the right SEO data from your website, accurate analysis and evaluation is impossible – this data will enable us to monitor and improve your SEO performance on an ongoing basis.

Firstly, we’ll establish what SEO success will look like for your company, in terms of data and targets – then our experts will plan and implement systems to collect, process and analyze your SEO data in the most optimal way.

We usually begin by ensuring Google Analytics, Google Search Console and hosting monitoring have been set up correctly. Then we take things further – introducing new tools and methodologies to provide additional SEO insights.

Local SEO: Perhaps you’re a bricks and mortar business, and want to dominate your local target markets in Google and the other major search engines.

Or perhaps you need to become more visible in cities, towns and regions that you’re not actually based in?

Either way, you’re in luck! We can map out and implement a local search strategy for your company.

The number of mobile searches checking for local businesses grew by over 250% between 2017 and 2019 – there appears to be a strong trend towards local searches, which are already thought to account for nearly half of all Google Searches (46% according to HubSpot).

Our experts will help your business tap into this huge potential market, and drive more local search engine traffic direct to your business.

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