Technical SEO - laying the foundations for success...

We provide technical SEO that transforms the performance of clients’ websites, achieving sizzling results.

Technical SEO lays the foundations for SEO success – get the technicals wrong for the search engines, and your website’s potential is undermined from the very start.

So our experts will put things right – optimizing accessibility and indexability… helping search engines crawl, interpret and index your website in the most efficient way possible, without hitting technical barriers:

1) Technical problems can hinder your website’s accessibility to the search engines, and this in turn undermines site performance – so we’ll carry out a manual audit to identify any accessibility issues.

2) How many of your web pages are indexable? If key web pages aren’t getting indexed by the search engines, your online performance will suffer – so our experts will audit your site to identify the barriers to indexability.

3) Then we’ll produce a detailed technical SEO action plan – to enable the successful implementation of our suggested accessibility and indexability solutions.

Which technical SEO issues do we work with? All of them, including: •Canonicalization •url structure •site structure •speed •site search •site navigation •faceted navigation •navigation filters •pagination •breadcrumbs •structured data •mobile friendliness •SSL and HTTPS •XML and HTML sitemaps •image optimization •multilingual and international search •geo-targeting •hosting •code quality •Core Web Vitals and •JavaScript rendering.

Whether you need us to troubleshoot a specific issue, or carry out a full audit of your technical search engine optimization, our experts can support any and all of your company’s requirements.

Our mission is to relentlessly push the boundaries of your online performance, leaving competitors in the dust, so get in touch to find out how we can help.

Our main Technical SEO services include:

Technical SEO Audits: We’ll analyze your website to identify the technical issues that damage its search engine visibility and performance, producing a report outlining the technical solutions – then we can implement these suggested fixes.

Technical Troubleshooting: Clients often contract us to analyze or fix specific technical issues, from JavaScript problems to malfunctioning faceted navigation – our consultants are experienced and effective troubleshooters, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your challenges.

SEO Site Migrations: Are you changing your website’s hosting, site structure, domain name, design or content? Perhaps you’re moving to a completely new website? Mismanaged site migrations can lose businesses huge amount of web traffic and online revenue, so get in touch to find out how to manage migrations successfully, and protect your site’s performance.

Google Penalty Removal and Recovery: Has your site been at the receiving end of a Google penalty because of poor SEO work, or some other issue? We’ll work with your company to identify the problem, and remove the penalty.

SEO for Website Design and Development: Put the foundations in place for future search engine success, from the start. Our specialists will work with your web team to provide guidance on SEO best practice, project managing implementation where needed.

Data Science and Analytics: Without the right SEO data from your website, accurate analysis and evaluation cannot be achieved – whereas the right data will enable us to monitor and improve your SEO performance on an ongoing basis. So we’ll establish what SEO success will look like for your company, in terms of KPIs – then plan and implement systems to collect, process and analyze your SEO data in the most effective way possible.

Local SEO: Perhaps you’re a bricks and mortar business, wanting to dominate your local area in Google and the other search engines. Or perhaps you need more online visibility in certain cities, towns and regions you’re not based in? Either way, you’re in luck – we can map out and implement a local search strategy for your company; by combining the technical, on-page, content, UX and linkearning aspects of SEO, our experts will help you become more visible in the lucrative local search rankings – driving more customers to your website or premises.

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How does ‘Technical SEO’ integrate with ‘On-page SEO, Content and UX’ and ‘Linkearning’?

> Technical SEO lays the foundations for better SEO performance, ensuring your web presence is technically optimized for the search engines.

> On-page SEO, Content and UX ensures you’re building the pages and content needed to boost search engine visibility, and engage successfully with site visitors.

> Linkearning drives search engine performance further still, focusing on outreach and sizzling onsite content.

These various strands can be merged into a single SEO campaign, covering every aspect of search marketing.

Book your free 1-hour SEO check from Word Waiter Digital, and we’ll analyze your company’s SEO potential – providing expert feedback on where things stand, and where best to focus your future SEO efforts.