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Word Waiter Digital serves up sizzling SEO and eCommerce across the UK, and internationally.

Each of our SEO experts has at least a decade of search marketing experience, enabling us to achieve industry-leading results for our clients, and their websites – always delivering an impressive return on investment.

Our mission is to relentlessly push the boundaries of your online performance, leaving competitors in the dust.

Google searches so far today: 0

…it is speculated that there are around 5.6 billion Google searches each day – and that number is growing each year, providing a huge commercial opportunity to businesses with an online presence.

So we’ll show you how to get a larger slice of the digital action: Our specialists will drive more customers to your company via free “organic” search engine traffic.

Book your free 1-hour SEO check and we’ll analyze your company’s SEO potential – providing expert feedback on where things stand with your website, and where best to focus your future SEO efforts. Or phone our Director to find out how we can help: 07944 748857.

Our main SEO services are:

• Technical SEO – laying the foundations for online success by transforming your site’s technical performance.

• On-page SEO, Content and UX – boosting your site’s search engine results while ensuring visitors convert into customers.

• Linkearning – increasing your search engine rankings and traffic by securing backlinks and brand mentions on authoritative sites, via independent editorial review.

SEO Campaigns – taking search engine performance to new levels with integrated search marketing campaigns, delivering an impressive return on investment every time.

• eCommerce SEO – we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest retailers, and plenty of startups and small companies too… from internationally known drinks companies such as Craft Gin Club to small artisan food producers. Our Director has even undertaken an e-commerce residency at the University of Wales, helping retailers pivot the disruptive economic impact of COVID-19.

• Data Science and Analytics – data lies at the root of SEO success, so it’s crucially important to get that bit correct… from measuring the right ground-level data and KPIs for clients, via a range of tools – to the more sophisticated analysis of larger datasets via programming languages such as Python. This is integrated into our search marketing offerings, and we can also offer clients standalone data and analytics support.

Quality, quality and quality again…

Because our consultants have such a deep understanding of technical SEO, content and linkearning, none of our work has ever attracted a Google penalty – in fact, companies often employ us to fix the problems inflicted by others.

We never take risks with clients’ websites by attempting to outwit the search engines – instead, we deliver commercial success by utilizing tried and tested strategies.

For example, when most SEO consultants were over-optimizing title tags and content, we strongly advized against the practice – taking a strategic view that the tactic was borderline spammy, risky and best avoided – and, guess what… Google decided to act against over-optimization, sending shockwaves through the search marketing industry.

Nor do we ever simply “build” backlinks – instead, we “earn” truly effective backlinks via independent editorial review, because Google wants quality and engagement rather than spam!

And if you’ve suffered a Google penalty because of shoddy SEO work, we can reverse that damage – let us troubleshoot your legacy SEO and web development, and put things back on track.

What is SEO, anyhow? An overview…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of driving relevant and unpaid “organic” website traffic to your site, or to your business in some other way.

If someone uses a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for something with a question or “query” – they get a list of natural “organic” results on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

These organic results are independently chosen by the search engines, to ensure they’re relevant to search queries.

Our experts will increase your company’s visibility in the results – securing higher rankings, so as many potential customers as possible:

1. SEE your most relevant offerings in the search engines

2. CLICK through to your website or contact your company in some other preferred way

3. BUY your products or services: the all-important conversion stage that’ll boost your commercial performance.

From technical site audits and JavaScript troubleshooting to Local SEO and integrated SEO campaigns, our team is waiting to help – contact us today!

Luke worked closely with me for the last six months, and enabled us to meet some very challenging targets – he was involved in all aspects of our SEO strategy and provided well structured guidance and clear priorities in each area.

His extensive PR experience was also of great benefit to us, and he was always contactable and happy to assist and often went the extra mile to help.

Plus his enthusiasm and keen interest in SEO was inspiring – made clear by a willingness to share his many years of experience, and impart his knowledge to me and the team…I would highly recommend Luke for anyone needing assistance in SEO and PR.

D.P., Digital Marketing Manager - Creditplus