SEO Specialists to transform your website’s success…

Word Waiter Digital serves up sizzling SEO across the UK, and internationally.

Each of our SEO experts comes equipped with at least a decade of search marketing experience, enabling us to achieve industry-leading results – we’ll secure an impressive return on investment for your company.

Our main SEO services are:

• Technical SEO – laying the foundations for future success by improving the technical performance of your website

• Content – boosting your site’s search engine visibility and commercial results with engaging content and effective UX

• Linkearning – backlinks and mentions to boost your search engine rankings and traffic, driving your digital success even further

• Campaigns – integrating our strategic, technical, content and linkearning expertize – taking search engine performance to new levels, and delivering an impressive ROI (return on investment).

Over 5.5 billion Google searches each day…

…and the number is growing by over 10% each year, providing a huge commercial opportunity to online businesses.

So we’ll show you how to get a larger slice of the digital action – our specialists will drive ever more unpaid “organic” search engine traffic to your website, or to your business in some other way… new customers relevant to your product or service.

Every situation is different, so book your free 1-hour SEO check and we’ll analyze your company’s SEO potential – providing expert feedback on where things stand, and where best to focus your future SEO efforts. Or phone our Director to find out how we can help: 07970 053560.

Quality, quality and quality again…

Because our consultants have such a deep understanding of technical SEO, content and linkearning, none of our work has ever attracted a Google penalty – in fact, companies often employ us to fix the problems inflicted by others.

We never take risks with clients’ websites by attempting to outwit the search engines – instead, we utilize tried and tested strategies that focus on quality and engagement, and are proven to deliver commercial success.

For example, when most SEO consultants were over-optimizing title tags and content, we strongly advized against the practice – taking a strategic view that the tactic was borderline spammy and best avoided – and, guess what… Google decided to act against over-optimization, sending shockwaves through the search marketing industry.

Nor do we ever simply “build” backlinks – instead, we “earn” truly effective backlinks via independent editorial review, because Google wants quality and engagement rather than spam!

And if you’ve suffered a Google penalty because of shoddy SEO work, we can reverse that damage – let us troubleshoot your legacy SEO and web development, and put things back on track.

What is SEO, anyhow? An overview…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of driving relevant and unpaid “organic” website traffic to your website, or to your business in some other way.

When a potential customer uses a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for something with a question or “query” – they get a list of natural “organic” results on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

These “organic” results are independently chosen by the search engine itself, according to their perceived relevance to the search “query”, and are not paid for search engine adverts (that is called PPC advertizing, which we do not offer).

If a potential customer searches for your type product or service, in a relevant location, it’s our job to capture their attention via the free “organic” search engine results, then drive these prospects to your business and convert them into customers.

Why might you need specialist SEO support?

Shouldn’t your web developer be able to handle all of this? In our experience that’s rarely the case – the vast majority of websites are not optimized according to best practice – sadly, many are barely even tested by those who build them.

We usually discover dozens of errors, sometimes even hundreds – when we carry out an SEO audits, whether we’re working with corporates or small and medium sized businesses. Even where the errors are minor, they can combine to severely undermine the commercial potential of a site.

So our experts will work with you to fix the problems – then implement content and linkearning strategies to maximize your search engine visibility and success – driving relevant and unpaid “organic” search engine traffic to your website or business premises.

Isn’t SEO all smoke and mirrors?

Many seem to think that SEO is difficult to understand, and challenging to tie down – certain SEO consultants and agencies cultivate that myth, to fend off client scrutiny and enable the overcharging of clients.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth – SEO is an intensely logical process, involving both technical and creative elements – it is complex yet easily understood, and should be fully transparent.

Our Director, Luke Rowlands, first moved into SEO because he saw the hugely positive commercial impact it made within a company he was working for – we’ll give you a taste of that success, and show you how good SEO can transform your results, and deliver an impressive return on investment.

From technical site audits and JavaScript troubleshooting to Local SEO and integrated SEO campaigns, our team is waiting to help – contact us today!

Luke has worked closely with me for the last six months and enabled us to meet some very challenging targets.

Luke was involved in all aspects of our SEO strategy and provided well structured guidance and clear priorities in each area.

His extensive PR experience was also of great benefit to us...he was always contactable and happy to assist and often went the extra mile to help.

His enthusiasm and keen interest in SEO was inspiring, and made clear by his willingness to share his many years of experience and impart his knowledge to me and the team...I would highly recommend Luke for anyone needing assistance in SEO and PR.

D.P., Digital Marketing Manager - Creditplus