SEO Audit

Our technical and content-focused SEO audits are the starting point for any successful SEO Campaign – we can also deliver these SEO audits as a stand-alone service.

SEO Audit – Technical

We carry out manual technical SEO audits check to see how “onsite” SEO performance can be improved – these are top-level step-by-step appraisals, carried out by real experts – covering dozens of points including:

Onsite SEO Ranking Factors – how your current site performs, technically, and how things can be improved

Offsite SEO Ranking Factors – how previous offsite digital marketing work, including backlinks and social media, impacts your current performance

Competitor Analysis – how your website can be changed in technical terms, to better compete with your online competitors.

Once your SEO audit is completed, we detail how your current website performs in technical terms, and how it should be technically improved to boost your online performance.

We can work with your web developer to implement these technical improvements, where required.

SEO Audit – Creative

We also carry out expert creative audits, examining the quality of your current website content.

We examine your website’s words, photos, videos, blogging and social media work – then we make recommendations for improvement, to boost customer engagement and SEO performance:

Word, Photos, Videos and Animation – are they getting your message across?

Design Feedback – does the website design boost or hinder the quality of your website?

Improvement Recommendations – how might your website’s creative execution be improved?

Engaging content really helps us boost SEO performance, and rankings, so we will show you how it’s done. Many SEO agencies focus on content from a technical perspective – just as we do. We also focus on creativity and the quality of content, because of the major influence it has on website performance.