Chinese SEO services launched

Word Waiter PR & Digital today launched its sizzling new Chinese SEO service…

We can now provide Chinese SEO services to business large and small – helping non-Chinese enterprises target Chinese companies and consumers. Zǎoshàng hǎo China!

In China, SEO is different due to the dominance of the Baidu search engine, rather than Google – plus a whole host of other Chinese search engines. Unique social media networks dominate too, from Tencent Weibo to Qzone.

Word Waiter PR & Digital has the expertise to work with with all of China’s search engines and social media networks, and our consultants can also help you navigate any cultural and legal challenges that arise.

According to IMF figures, China has the largest economy in the world, offering companies a wealth of commercial opportunities.

There are now over 600 million internet users in China, many with sizeable disposable incomes – this provides massive opportunities for all sectors, from manufacturing to retail.

China’s already the world’s largest sources of overseas travellers, with Chinese tourists expected to take over 100 million visits abroad during 2013/2014.

So seize the opportunity and go Chinese with your SEO – find out more about Word Waiter PR & Digital’s Chinese SEO services today.

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