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Development Bank of Wales… SEO contract completed Instapaper

Word Waiter Digital is delighted to announced that we have just completed an SEO contract for the Development Bank of Wales… which supports responsible businesses that benefit the people of Wales through their economic and social impact.


Saints, Fairies and Bwbachs… Customs, Traditions and Folklore from Wales Instapaper

Here’s a list of Welsh folklore resources that gives fascinating glimpses into the cultural bedrock of Wales – if you have any suggestions of your own, please leave your comments underneath.



GSC Guardian… helping analyze the impact of Google’s Core Updates Instapaper

We’ve recently experienced an upsurge in enquiries from companies struggling to identify how they’d been negatively impacted by Google’s recent Core Updates…


New GA4 support available from today Instapaper

As you may be aware, Universal Analytics(UA) will stop collecting data from 1st July 2023, and your historical data will be deleted from 1st January 2024; this is because Google is pushing all businesses to move to their next generation of Analytics: Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which offers more flexibility for tracking user actions, is more GPDR-compliant, with powerful analytical capabilities.


Saving the Otterhound - latest assignment for BBC Countryfile Magazine Instapaper

We’ve just completed a large feature about Otterhounds, for BBC Countryfile Magazine… we do enjoying the odd writing assignment, in-between the usual SEO and data science…



SEO site migrations: Don’t forget to redirect your images! Instapaper

Your site’s images live on their own URLs, and can gather backlinks as effectively as any written content – yet images are often overlooked during SEO migrations, and that is a mistake.

So when you carry out website alterations that involve changing the URLs of images, don’t forget to 301 redirect those images…


Local SEO: Where should your Google My Business links point to? Instapaper

If you have multiple business locations listed in the GMB (Google My Business) dashboard, how should you link these to your website?


Technical SEO: Lazy loading images not being indexed? Here’s a solution: Instapaper

Lazy loading images are only sometimes indexable, and that can cause severe issues with SEO performance.



Pembrokeshire : Land Of Legends - Content for BBC Magazines Instapaper

Pembrokeshire is a land of infinite mystery – an enchanting part of Wales that offers endless layers of intrigue, fascination and beauty – here are three guides covering the county from north to south:



Financial services SEO success for Word Waiter Digital Instapaper

We have just completed a contract for a leading financial services company – working with the company’s internal digital team, we managed to double the organic traffic going to the client’s website by the final calendar month of the contract.



12 Restaurant Marketing Tips Instapaper

We work with restaurants large and small, from individual eateries to large chains – we even work with a leading cookery school. Here are a few of our restaurant marketing tips:


Website speed - How fast should your website go? Instapaper

Speed influences the performance of your website both directly and indirectly – it is crucially important because:



Strategic success at new £4.5million Bristol venue Instapaper

We’ve just been reviewing our marketing results for a brand spanking new Bristol events venue…



Chinese SEO services launched Instapaper

Word Waiter PR & Digital today launched its sizzling new Chinese SEO service…


Stop your website getting indexed Instapaper

Whether you’ve got a new website under development, or are working on new web content for an existing website, you need to stop your test/development content getting search engine indexed for a number of reasons – including SEO reasons.


Results in from SEO project, for a luxury 5-star holiday resort Instapaper

Here are the results from our latest SEO project, for a 5-star holiday resort:



The perils of online press releases - new SEO advice Instapaper

An important recent development relevant to the worlds of SEO and PR is that Google has recommended ALL links from online press releases to websites should be nofollowed, even if they contain direct URLs rather than anchor text.


Some great apps for PR consultants, and their clients Instapaper

We’ve been speaking to our PR consultants this morning, finding out which apps they find most useful in their everyday work, so here’s a list of what’s hot right now at the Word Waiter:


The ins and outs of newswires Instapaper

Newswires give you massive reach when you’re distributing your news, and can be particularly useful to those with restricted PR budgets. Here are some tips and insights…