Some great apps for PR consultants, and their clients

We’ve been speaking to our PR consultants this morning, finding out which apps they find most useful in their everyday work, so here’s a list of what’s hot right now at the Word Waiter:

Camera+ by tap tap tap (iPhone)
A photo opportunity suddenly appears and your photographer’s nowhere to be seen? Out with the iPhone and snippety snap. Camera+ will help maximize the quality of your on-the-fly pics.

CameraZoomFX by Androidslide (Android)
Probably our favourite Android camera app, this handles both shooting and editing from a single interface. Definitely worth a go.

Evernote by Evernote (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS via App Catalog)
In this frenetic world of ours, it’s easy to forget the interesting things you hear and see each day, so Evernote provides an easy digital way to capture all the stuff you might otherwise forget, using your phone, tablet, internet or computer.

GoToMeeting by Citrix (iPhone, Android)
Whether you just need to chat or share data, GoToMeeting is great if you need a virtual team meet. This is a simple yet high quality app which is ideal for smaller PR businesses.

HootSuite by HootSuite Media Inc. (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry)
There’s no getting away from Social Media these days. There are more and more social media tools out there, and Hootsuite enables you to manage your channels from one dashboard, boosting efficiency.

iSaidWhat?! by Tapparatus (iPhone)
This is a super useful iPhone app which allows you to seamlessly record, edit and share interviews and other sounds. You can even access and edit your scripts from the main recording screen. And here are some Android options.

If you’re planning to “record phone calls” (and there are usually legal restrictions, so please ensure you’re following legal guidelines for your jurisdiction), try ipadio (iPhone, Android) or Call Recorder (Android).

Pulse News by Pulse (iOS and Android)
The app enables you to gather all your blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers in one place, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep your finger on the ‘pulse’ and keep up with the latest trends.

VideoEdit by DHI Inc. (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Hey, there’s a video opp and no camera(wo)man in site! Don’t panic – here’s your answer… VideoEdit is a super duper app for turning your video into something clients will thank you for. Compared with iMovie, it’s damned fast too. Those of you with Android should look at Videocam Illusion by Mobile Illusion – that’s great too!

Weather+ (iPhone, iPad, iMac)
Wondering what the weather’s going to be like for that all-important photoshoot or event? We use Weather+ which delivers everything from local forecasts to 5 day forecasts. Worldwide. Accuweather is a good Android alternative.

If you’d like to suggest a great app for PR people, please drop us a comment below…

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