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Saints, Fairies and Bwbachs… Customs, Traditions and Folklore from Wales Instapaper

Here’s a list of Welsh folklore resources that gives fascinating glimpses into the cultural bedrock of Wales – if you have any suggestions of your own, please leave your comments underneath.



Saving the Otterhound - latest assignment for BBC Countryfile Magazine Instapaper

We’ve just completed a large feature about Otterhounds, for BBC Countryfile Magazine… we do enjoying the odd writing assignment, in-between the usual SEO and data science…



Pembrokeshire : Land Of Legends - Content for BBC Magazines Instapaper

Pembrokeshire is a land of infinite mystery – an enchanting part of Wales that offers endless layers of intrigue, fascination and beauty – here are three guides covering the county from north to south:



Website speed - How fast should your website go? Instapaper

Speed influences the performance of your website both directly and indirectly – it is crucially important because: