Word Waiter is a digital consultancy providing SEO, PR, digital marketing and content to a wide range of companies and organisations.

Our experts have each worked in digital marketing and SEO for a minimum of 10 years – we are senior-level experts, and we can base ourselves in Bristol, London, Wales (St. Davids, Pembrokeshire) and Ireland (Dublin and Belfast)… anywhere in the world we’re needed.

Nothing is subcontracted – we do all the work ourselves, so we’re totally certain it’s of the highest standard.

And our services are very competitively priced – to achieve this, we cut overheads to a minimum and avoid “business bling” like the plague… no flashy cars, swish offices or slick salesmen for us!

Many digital agencies and consultancies see their clients as commercial prey… they gouge them for fees, for every penny they can – a common practice that repulses us. We’ve even stumbled across fraudulent work over the last few years, so you need to be careful.

Instead of that nonsense, we form partnerships with our clients, staying focused on the return on investment they get from our services. Your digital success matters to us above all else.

And because of our strong focus on results, we’re increasingly employed on business turnaround projects.

We charge a fixed day rate to implement campaigns, with reductions for startups and charities – unlike our competitors, we can guarantee to at least DOUBLE your year-on-year organic website traffic through each 12-month SEO campaign cycle.

And every month we provide a day of pro bono support to a charity of our choice (the charity we currently support was found via Media Trust).

PS. If you’re an agency, we will happily provide our services to you and your clients, so long as you follow our recommendations and accept our tried and tested way of doing SEO (partial and incorrect implementation doesn’t work in this industry). Our experts have worked with a host of good agencies, from Falmouth to Prague.