Local SEO: Where should your Google My Business links point to?

If you have multiple business locations listed in the GMB (Google My Business) dashboard, how should you link these to your website?

For example, you may have 12 restaurants in different locations around the UK… let’s assume each of these restaurants has a separate page on your website because you’re following Local SEO best practice.

The big question is… should you link from each of the 12 restaurant locations in your GMB dashboard to:

a) the respective 12 location-specific restaurant pages on your website? Or…

b) the homepage of your website, rather than the location specific pages?

Sometimes you can get better results by following this second approach – by simply linking through to your site’s homepage.

But it depends… local SEO algorithms are hugely complex – and each business will perform differently when their proximity, relevance and prominence is assessed by Google – “always be testing” is great advice!

Joy Hawkins overviewed this issue in more detail at MozCon Virtual 2020 – here’s the clip:

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