Technical SEO: Lazy loading images not being indexed? Here’s a solution:

Lazy loading images are only sometimes indexable, and that can cause severe issues with SEO performance.

During a recent SEO project we worked on, the developers implemented lazy loading images to boost the speed of a website.

Yet this would’ve deindexed the images, because the shift to lazy loading images meant they were no longer indexable by Googlebot.

In this instance, we simply told the developers to reverse their changes and find a different solution. However, there’s are also simple workarounds:

As Google’s John Mueller explains in the video above – to ensure Google can pick up lazy loading images, you can either:

• Add No Script Tags to the image elements on your site…

When Googlebot encounters these specific tags, it should be able to index the lazy loading images.

• Apply Structured Data to your images…

This structured data is another way to enable the indexing of your lazy loading images.

We do hope you find these two simple solutions useful… if you have any questions, ask them below and we’ll do our best to help.

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