Strategic success at new £4.5million Bristol venue

We’ve just been reviewing our marketing results for a brand spanking new Bristol events venue…

We were contracted by the Venue Director to help establish this major new conference, events and education venue near Bristol, England.

To kick things off, we drew up a strategic digital marketing plan for the venue, in partnership with the management team, focusing on “easier win” niche markets.

“Our first meeting was held on the day Lehman brothers collapsed, so it was clear there were tough times ahead in the corporate events sector – in response, we focused on niche markets ranging from green weddings to team-building with sheep.”

“Because budgets were so limited, the marketing spend went into carefully focused digital channels – and Word Waiter PR & Digital covered everything, from project managing their website redevelopment and SEO through to ad buying and the ongoing development of the venue’s marketing strategy.”

This new digital-marketing focused strategy was implemented over 2 days per month, over 12 months – and we’re glad to report that the centre moved into profit off the back of our marketing strategy, and the hard work of their staff team, where it has remained ever since, increasing turnover to several hundred thousand pounds per year.

The venue Director eventually moved onto a new marketing challenge, down in Cornwall – and he took us with him.

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