Sizzling SEO across Bristol and the South West

Bristol’s a major economic centre, with a fascinating mishmash of industries large and small, including strong media, aerospace, IT, tourism, retail and financial services sectors, and our SEO experts have worked across most of them over the years.

Beyond Bristol, there’s a seemingly endless number of fascinating towns and cities… the ancient city of Gloucester, Aethelflaed’s resting place and home to one of Europe’s most stunning cathedrals, the regency city of Bath… Wells, Exeter, Penzance, Dartmouth, Dorchester… and don’t miss the Forest of Dean – a place apart in so many ways, and deserving of a visit.

If you dig a bit deeper, there’s an unmistakable undertow in places… Bristol was a slaving city for two lengthy periods… starting back in Anglo-Saxon times, when it sent much of its cargo to the slave trading city of Dublin (the Normans stamped the practice out) – then again when it became a major hub in the Transatlantic slave trade, sending enslaved Africans to the West Indians and North America.

Then there’s the wrecking and smuggling that was rife along the wild and rocky South Western Approaches… Jamaica Inn and all that… the stories are endless – but where does reality end and myth begin? It can be very hard to tell!

Who do we work for here?

We’ve carried out SEO work for numerous businesses across this vibrant part of the world. Two of our largest SEO campaigns have been run in the South West of England and Cornwall – for the Folly Farm Centre, just outside Chew Magna – and for The Park at Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, both of which were incredibly successful, and enjoyable with it – due to the fantastic staff and community ties.

It’s gert lush dontcha know…

This is the region that produced Keith Floyd and is home to Rick Stein… if you’re seeking highly talented chefs and great farmers and growers, this is the place for you. Follow Cornwall Food and Drink to catch up on the vibrant food scene in the far south west, where they even grow tea!

Last time we visited Bristol, we heard a noise and noticed one of Led Zeppelin’s musicians involved in an impromptu session in a café on the Gloucester Road – it’s just that kind of place! A few minutes earlier we’d been speaking to a Kenyan prince who we’d just happened to meet in an antiques shop!

The history is deep and captivating… echoes of King Alfred in Redland and the Somerset Levels, Arthurian legends in Glastonbury, Cornwall and numerous other places, and then a deep layer of stories and folklore about the Anglo-Saxons – from Wassailing to their ancient palace in Pucklechurch… the more you dig, the more you find.

Bristol’s River Avon takes its name from the Welsh for river (Afon… the f is pronounced as a v is Welsh) – pointing to the speaking of Welsh here before the Saxons arrived from their homelands on the European continent.

And the landscapes are extraordinary… from Sennen Cove to the church on Brent Tor on Dartmoor… from the cider apple orchards of Somerset to Dorset’s Jurassic Coast… there are levels of inspiration on so many levels!

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