SEO Site Migrations

We offer expert SEO site migration expertise – protecting website traffic when you move from one site to another, or make some other technically significant change to your existing website.

Changing from one website to another, or simply changing a significant aspect of your existing website, can result in major traffic loss – damaging your online performance significantly. So we’re here to help manage SEO site migrations, and protect your website traffic.

When you are altering your existing website, or switching to a new one, the more aspects you change the greater the risk – elements you may be changing include your site’s hosting, domain name, cms, url structure, content and design.

By following best practice at all times, we’ll protect your website traffic. We’re often subcontracted by digital agencies to carry out this highly specialized work, and can also work directly with you and your web developers.

Typically, our site migrations progress like this>

1) Establish objectives and processes

2) Produce a migration plan with detailed step-by-step instructions, including 301 URL redirect mapping, and advice on sitemaps

3) Implement the migration plan, monitoring performance closely through the migration

4) Report on success – we are yet to lose any traffic through an SEO site migration, yet experts in the industry suggest immediate traffic losses of up to 50% are common, even when a migration is carefully managed.

We are among the UK and Ireland’s leading SEO website migration experts, having worked on dozens of diverse project over the years.

None of our clients have yet lost any traffic through our migration work – either immediately or in the medium to long term – and we put this down to our extreme attention to detail, and our years of experience in this field.

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