From Pebidiog to Pwllheli… our SEO Services in Wales…

We have a base in St. Davids, in the part of Wales once known as Pebidiog – from where we cover the whole of Wales… we can be in Cardiff or Caernarfon in a few hours – better still, we can speak via Zoom! St. Davids, was at a meeting of sea routes – a centre of early Celtic Christianity, and a great centre of learning for the Welsh, Bretons and Irish – a place so important to the Ireland that it holds the Irish name of Cill Muine.

Wales or Cymru takes its name from the Cymry or compatriots – the Romano-British who remained once the Roman legions had departed… even today the Welsh language carries that Roman imprint, with plenty of Latin words… so the Welsh for bridge is pont!

Today, Wales is very much an economic periphery, struggling to establish itself and find a new direction. This is the country that sparked and drove the Industrial Revolution, and that spirit lives on in places… you’ll discover pockets of innovation across the country.

Here at Word Waiter Digital, we use SEO to help new and established businesses across Wales find new markets – both at home and abroad.

Who we work for in Wales:

We cut our teeth on outreach/digital PR working for the inspirational TYF Group in Pembrokeshire – since then, we’ve worked right across Wales – in food, hospitality and tourism… and even at the University of Wales.

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Wales’s growing digital and tech sectors:

Cardiff’s a leading tech city, with more than a 1/5 of the population employed in tech according to some estimates. There are thought to be close to 3,600 digital and tech businesses in Wales, with South Wales being home to major fintech and cybersecurity clusters.

And you’ll discover some fantastic digital and tech startups at the annual Wales Startup Awards.

Creative inspiration…

Wales is a fascinating and diverse country, with plenty of cultural inspiration… from Dylan Thomas to Kyffin Williams to Bryn Terfel… not forgetting Gwen and Augustus John!

Heading back in to the mists of time, we end up with Dafydd ap Gwilym, Cuhelyn Fardd and Gruffudd ap Cynan, the incredible Viking prince. Not Forgetting the early Christians who left their mark on Ireland and many other places… Dewi Sant, Aidan of Ferms, Cadog the Wise, and many more besides.

Cardiff and Swansea are both undoubtedly huge sources of inspiration, but the rural North and West are also places rich in culture… dotted with folk tales, and local lore. Our Director, Luke Rowlands, wrote this piece about parts of his home county of Pembrokeshire.