Our SEO Services in London and Southern England

Many of our clients are based in London, the powerhouse of England’s economy and home to over 100 of Europe’s 500 largest companies. The city produces around 30% of the UK’s GDP and boasts higher non-food retail sales than any other city in the world.

This huge international hub of finance and commerce is the centre for Britain’s media – from national newspapers and websites to the BBC. Many international media outlets have a significant presence here as well. Because of this, London is a focus for our linkearning and digital PR work, an integral part of Word Waiter Digital’s SEO offering.

London’s origins stretch back into the mists of time – the Romans founded Londinium at a strategic crossing point over the River Thames… then came the Anglo-Saxons, who settled extensively across the city they knew as Lundenwic or Lundenburh … to be followed by the Normans, then the Tudors and Stuarts.

During Victorian times, the city became the largest on planet earth – the beating heart of a huge and troubling Empire, with much of London dating from the suburban development of the city during this period – an expansion aided by the coming of the railways.

Beyond the M25 you’ll discover vibrant cities such as Brighton, Winchester and Canterbury… and historic country towns such as Lewes, Faversham, Colchester and Sandwich… one of our personal favourites is Hastings – a place with real personality!

Who do we work for here?

London and the south have been the centre of our work from day one, with recent clients ranging from Craft Gin Club to a host of digital agencies who white label our services. We’ve got plenty of experience in the local financial services sector too, including a stint for Creditplus in Poole.

The local tech and digital sector:

London’s widely seen as one of the world’s digital and tech capitals, with around a third of Europe’s tech giants based in the city – and its digital/tech sector contributing over £56 billion to the UK economy. Tech London provides a good overview of the latest tech and digital happenings across the city – and don’t miss Wired Sussex or the Bournemouth and Poole Tech Cluster.

Creative and cultural inspiration…

London’s an incredibly diverse city – a meeting place for the world that stirs and stimulates creativity… walk in the footsteps of Dickens and Wilde, Pepys and Chaucer, Caine and Hitchcock, Pankhurst and Kropotkin, Howe and Strummer.

It’s a whirlwind of cultures and influences, and a place that rarely fails when we’re seeking ideas or the spark for a new idea or approach… from Chinatown’s supermarkets to reggae in South London.

Not forgetting Bromley, which seems to have been home to busloads of cultural and creative icons, from David Bowie to Topper Headon, from Peter Kropotkin to Hanif Kureishi… today it’s home to a large community of Gypsies and Travellers, adding another layer of richness and cultural interest.

Head outside the M25 for something different… from the ancient town of Lewes in Sussex (one-time home to Tom Paine and close to Charleston, a place of retreat for the Charleston set)… to echoes of Dickens along the Thames Estuary… and while you’re exploring, don’t miss the majestic North Downs, the heavily wooded Weald and the beautiful South Downs: “the great hills of the South Country” to Hilaire Belloc.

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