PR in London

London is probably the world capital of PR, a place held in high esteem by flacks like us. So our London PR experts are always happy to meet up with clients old and new in this metropolis of metropolises.

It’s a hugely diverse place, with a powerful economy which produces around 30% of the UK’s GDP. Over 100 of Europe’s 500 largest companies are headquartered here, and London boasts higher non-food retail sales than any other city on the planet.

This is the Headquarters for Britain’s media – from national newspapers and websites to the BBC. Many international media outlets have a significant presence here as well – our London PR team is more than happy to work with them all.

When it comes to culture, it’s hard to know where to start – theatre, art, literature, film, music – you name it, London’s got it. You’ll often find our London PR people gallivanting about, seeking full-on inspiration.

We work with all the media outlets across London and the South East, from local and regional newspapers to national and international media outlets, from our old stomping grounds of Brighton and Lewes up to Watford Gap and beyond…

So, whether you need a local campaign, or something that reaches out internationally, we can help.

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