Terms and Conditions - Digital Wales website - http://www.digitalwales.cymru

The following terms and conditions apply to your use of the forthcoming Digital Wales website, which will be located at http://www.digitalwales.cymru. These terms and conditions apply to the information you submit to the website, and your use of the website, on whichever device you choose to use.

By using the Digital Wales site, or submitting your freelancer/company/organization details to the site, you have accepted these conditions:

1. We reserve the right to refuse your freelance/company/organisation submission for entry onto the website, and/or news for entry onto the website, for any reason of our choosing. You will have no comeback in response to our decision. and the reasons for such decisions will remain private and confidential, and will not be provided.

2. We have the right to edit your freelance/company/organisation submission in whichever way we see fit, if we do decide to include it. You have the right to remove your entry (any requests to remove an entry resulting from your submission will be implemented within 31 days, unless there are technical problems which prevent us removing the entry. You will notify us of your desire to remove your entry via the following e-mail address: bell@wordwaiter.com).

We will have total control over any news information submitted to us – we will decide whether to include such news, and once it is on the website we will own the content and hold copyright, and decide whether to alter or remove the content at some future date.

3. Website freelance/company/organisation entries are only open to freelancers, companies and organisations located within Wales. If you are located outside Wales you do not have permission to list your freelance/company/organisation information on the site.

4. We own the copyright of all written text and photos on the site, unless specified otherwise. We will not own copyright of company logos. You have no right to copy any content from the website.

5. Any information you send for inclusion on the Digital Wales website will be with the permission of the freelancer/company/organisation in question.

And you agree to indemnify us for any loss suffered as a result of adding your text and other content to the Digital Wales website.

6. You agree only to provide accurate, truthful and up-to-date information for inclusion on the Digital Wales website.

7. We reserve the right to edit, remove or alter any information that you have sent to us for inclusion on the Digital Wales website – we will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from our inclusion, editing, removing or alteration of such information.

8. We will not sell on company, freelancer or organisation contact details to any third party companies or organisations, for marketing or any other purposes.

9. We are not responsible for any external sites that Digital Wales links to. You must not provide links to us that have the capacity to damage users or our website when we outlink to the external website from Digital Wales. You will be responsible for the consequences if you do provide damaging links.

10. The opinions expressed on Digital Wales do not represent the official views of Digital Wales, which are independent and impartial unless stated otherwise.

11. We cannot guarantee that Digital Wales will be free from error, interruption or other problems arising from technical issues, viruses, malicious hacking attacks, or anything else. By using the site you agree that we will not be held liable for damages or other problems arising from such issues.

12. By visiting and using Digital Wales you agree that Digital Wales is not liable for any damages including without limit lost profits, revenues or other financial loss or legal actions arising from your use of the website, or the general functioning of the website. We will not be liable via you or any third party. We do not offer users any warranties vis-à-vis the website re: quality, accuracy, availability of information.

13. Digital Wales will not be liable for any loss of information held on the website, or loss of records, or alterations of content. We will own all data on the website, including text and images – excluding branding and logos of third party entities.

14. By using the Digital Wales website you agree to fully indemnify Digital Wales and its employees and contractors for any losses, expenses or claims arising from your use of the website, even if via a third party. You will be fully responsible for any unlawful or damaging content you submit to the website, and you agree to legally indemnify Digital Wales for any losses arising out of your submission of such content.

15. Digital Wales uses cookies to track site visitors as they move around the site – we do not use cookies for any other purpose. By using the site you automatically agree to the website’s use of cookies.

16. No content on the website including text, logo, artwork, graphics, sound, image, is permitted by us to be copied, changed, reproduced, modified, published, transmitted, distributed or used in any way without our express and prior written permission. We own the copyright for all content on the Digital Wales website.

17. Contact details: Word Waiter Digital: Mobile: 07966 729775 / Email: bell@wordwaiter.com / Website: www.digitalwales.cymru

18. We reserve the right to charge for your freelance/company/organisation,advertorial content on Digital Wales at a future date – If we do decide to charge for your freelancer/company inclusion, we will write to you to notify you before any charge is levied, and if we do not receive payment your listing will be removed. There is no danger that you will be automatically billed without your express consent.

19. Legal jurisdiction of www.digitalwales.cymru: England and Wales.