SEO is dead? Not on your nelly!

Good SEO is about helping the search engines understand what your website is about, and who it’s relevant to. It boosts your business success by helping potential customers find your products and services. It’s about findability.

So SEO is definitely not dead, as some commentators have been claiming, unless by SEO you mean bucket loads of spammy nonsense, such as low quality links and trashy online articles.

Going on our own experiences with some other SEO agencies, you might even pick up a few nasties such as link farms, link wheels, and so on, into the bargain. The world of SEO has let itself down in many ways, so it’s no wonder that commentators immediately associate SEO with ‘gaming the system’ and doing the kind of trashy work Google is now punishing.

Where do you start if you want good SEO? Firstly it’s important to ensure your website is set up correctly. There are a few technical things that need checking, from domain age to canonicalization to the quality of the code used to create your website.

Then there’s the content itself. Instead of leaving to chance how your website is found via the search engines, a good first step is to work out which key phrases are important to your business (these are the phrases potential customers type into search engines like Google) and then plan and manage the way you include them in your content.

After that it’s time to focus on producing engaging content. Recent changes to Google mean that high quality content is more important than ever before (copy, photos, videos and podcasts, etc). The right content will support your website’s search engine performance in many different ways.

For the best results, your new website content needs to be refreshed on a regular basis, and it’s crucially important to produce external content too – via social media work, external blogs, videos, etc.

Finally, it’s a good idea to examine, and possibly even add to, the links coming into your website, but you need to be careful. Link building deserves a blog of its very own, so watch this space!

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PS. Here’s a link to a brilliant infographic – The Death of SEO – failed predictions over the years.

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